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President’s Message – January 2024

Run for the Wall

Happy New Year to one and all!!

Hopefully you had a peaceful holiday season along with the opportunity to relax a bit and recharge your system. Now might be a good time to begin your Run preparation by looking over your individual plans including necessary medications, motorcycle maintenance, your physical condition, your gear. There are myriad details to cover pre-Run; the start of the new year might be a great time to get after it all.

Speaking of new things, if you are thinking of Valentines Day and perhaps buying something sweet for that special someone, how about visiting the Run For the Wall candy shop at Not only can you buy a sweet for your sweet, but you are also providing support to RFTW!!

See's Candies

Our hotel lists hit early on the morning of January 1st and there seemed to be few glitches. We saw a Facebook post from one person regarding a problem with one of the links but were unable to reproduce the problem. I often wish we could have better answers when something like that happens, but unfortunately, issues are often related to which browser you are using, what your security or privacy settings are, and even sometimes what policies your Internet provider establishes. If you experienced an issue, please go to our website, and fill out a contact form so we can investigate the issue. When doing so, please provide as many details as possible to include which browser you are using.  Screenshots may also be helpful. We also know of one link to a hotel in CA that isn’t correct, and Ted and Carol are all over that one. A third-party provides those links, so we must rely on them and their timing for a fix.

As we prepare for each new Run, we often see “repeat” questions on a wide range of topics. The safest and surest way to provide accurate answers to questions is to direct those asking to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. While visiting that page, they will almost always find answers to additional questions, saving time and effort. This page is the result of years of compiling questions and answers and can often provide clear answers that have stood the test of time.

Speaking of preparations, if you haven’t yet registered, I encourage you to do so before 1 February when the registration fee goes up from the “Early Bird” rates. Currently, our registration numbers are still slightly behind last year’s. We kept registration fees at the 2023 level and there is still time to take advantage of the early registration discount. Since the accuracy of our registration numbers drive the State Coordinators’ planning along with the hundreds of other volunteers that support us, it’s very important to register as early as possible.  If you haven’t already done so, please CLICK HERE to register today! If, for whatever reason, you are electing NOT to ride this year, we would love to hear from you, especially if the reason is related to our organizing and executing the Run. There is a contact form on the website. We are genuinely interested in hearing from you!

I would like to take another moment to remind everyone that route planning is a function of the RCs and the BoD. Any changes or additions to the primary mission must be routed to the RCs and to the BoD for review and approval. Recently, we again had folks with the best of intentions planning changes to a route organization structure with no RC coordination. Our RCs and others are busy coordinating their route plans. It is unfair to them to inject and announce uncoordinated, unapproved changes.

On Saturday, January 13th, you can attend a ceremony at the Washington National Cathedral at 4 p.m. if you are in the Washington, D.C. area, for the special A Celebration of Character & Courage ceremony honoring the service, courage and legacy of Vietnam veterans, Gold Star Families, and commitment renewal to account for the remaining missing. You can view the flyer for more information, and register to attend in person. In addition, you can also attend virtually via the host’s live-stream page.

Central Route graciously agreed to support the Tour of Wings – POW/MIA Wings on RFTW 2024. Homeland Magazine’s most recent issue contains an article on the Tour ( The entire magazine can be viewed at Homeland Magazine-  RFTW Homeland Magazine (Pages 20-21) – (RFTW Ad – Page 23). Homeland Magazine is also supporting RFTW by placing an ad for RFTW on page 23. Carol is working on plans to display the Wings while we are in Ontario, and they will be accompanying the Central Route across America. Gail is working on a display in DC. More to follow.

No one left behind is more than a standard we all live up to. It is a way of life. It is part of our Mission. If you or someone you know find themselves struggling with their mental health, please know you can contact the VA Veteran’s Crisis Line by dialing 988 then press 1 or text 838255 and speak or chat with a qualified responder.

Let us remember to keep our focus on the Mission. It is why we ride!

Say Their Names – Tell Their Stories – Never Forget.

Back to Basics. Back to the RFTW Mission.

Is it May yet?

TurkeyJohn “Turkey” Staub
President, RFTW, Inc.
2011- CR FNG
2012 – CR Participant
2013 – CR Staging Team
2014 – 2015 – CR Staging Team Ass’t. Lead
2016-2017 – CR Staging Team Lead
2022 – CR Platoon Coordinator
2023 – CR and Sandbox Road Guard
2020 – Present – RFTW BoD member

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