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President’s Message – October 2018

The Board of Directors meeting in September can be summarized as routine business with nothing sensational occurring! September always seems to be a month when our route coordinators are busy filling positions and working on ideas of how to buy more time during fuel stops for riders to use bathrooms and hydrate. They are making every effort to provide that time so please remember that our route schedules are planned so we arrive and depart on time to meet obligations to citizens who are supporting us. Once again please keep up by reading your RC’s monthly messages on the website.

Online registration has recorded 156 riders since its August opening. I am, again, asking that if you are planning to go on the 2019 RFTW, please register as early as possible. Last month I mentioned that you can register online then pay when you pick up your packet wherever you join us. As a reminder: Remember to bring your CURRENT driver’s license, registration AND insurance cards with you when you pick up your packet. It is mandatory to show those items to the registration volunteers when you pick up your packets—no exceptions.

For those of you who are thinking about joining our mission in 2019 and those who have not been on the website for a while, I encourage you to check out the new tab titled “New Participants.” Inside is the diary of a new participant titled, “Ten Days in May.” It is an excellent article for any new participants seeking to learn more about Run For The Wall. The tab also has a new FAQ that answers a full array of questions. Just go to:

Also, as promised, from the RFTW Sustainability Committee, there is a NEW Poster and Talking Points document on the website.  Please use these resources to promote Run for The Wall. Our riders are our best recruiters and advocates. Go to: Resources for Promoting RFTW, under the Scuttlebutt tab.

During September many riders attended the Kerrville, Tex., All Routes Reunion. Many board members have told me they had a lot of fun and enjoyed the weekend. Thanks to everyone who planned this event which annually ends the reunion season.

That same weekend RFTW also was invited to the annual celebration of the signing of the US Constitution in Grand Lake, Colo.

This celebration is a week-long event that features noted constitutional scholars every night in one of Grand Lakes many restaurants.

Left, Grand Lake and Granby Fire Departments hoist a Garrison flag over Main St. at the end of the parade route.

At week’s end there is a parade, concert series, and more celebration of this historic document. New to GLUSCW this year was a barbecue cookoff—great eats! The event board president Tom Goodfellow said they hope to make that bigger and better next year.

We got an opportunity to talk about RFTW to many citizens in attendance who were interested in our mission. The Combat Heroes Bike Build also was there, represented by Ray “Cornman” Cornmesser and friend, Michele (see photo at right).

Since we swore to “support and defend” the US Constitution when we joined the military and during promotion ceremonies, I highly recommend this Constitution week celebration.

Is it May yet?

Respectfully submitted,
Les “Easy” Williams
RFTW BOD President



At left, view from parade start. Lots of barbecue vendor booths on both sides of Main St.!