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Midway Route Coordinator News – October 2018

Fellow Midway Riders;

Leadership has been working very hard to get things in order. The new route cards were developed with more accuracy, stop and departure times. The State Coordinators are currently reviewing these changes and making adjustments to the timeline. Some of the states we visit will have different venues, but most are the same.

All hotels are in order and the hotel list will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. It should go online by early January 2019.

A reminder that the RFTW logo is a copyright and use of the logo must be approved by the Board of Directors. Submit your use ideas to the the Board of Directors, or, Route Coordinator for approval.

2019 RFTW pins will be ready soon and available on-line at the web-store.

The website has posted “10 days in May” that is added to the New Participant (FNG page). This gives a day-to-day diary of an FNG’s experience while being on the run. It should serve as a way to invite and share the experience of being on the RFTW for new riders.

Some safety issues are being looked at for the run. The use of fire extinguishers for advance teams. Oversized trailers being towed by motorcycles. This can cause a visibility and safety issues for other riders. There will be more on these two subjects as progress is made and policy is established.

All leadership for the Midway Route is working diligently to ensure our mission is a memorable experience.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.

Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner, Jr.,
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”