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RFTW SandBox RC Newsletter – MAY 2020 – Virtual Wrap-up Edition

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Howdy from Texas!

I’ve gotta tell you, I feel almost like I’ve been out on the Run for a few weeks and then magically appeared at home on the last day.  These past 3 days of coordination with our SandBox Route folks has been a phenomenal experience that has made me even more proud of the strength and resilience of our RFTW family.

The SandBox Route Virtual Daily Briefings gave us a chance for face time with folks we’d have otherwise  not seen, heard from people with heart touching stories of names on the MECW, had a little fun with daily drawings and in the end, built up a little more anticipation for next year’s Run while tapping that magic that recharges as all through the Mission itself.  From my seat at the show, the Virtual Briefings were a huge success and I intend to conduct quarterly (at least) open SandBox Route Status briefings throughout the year as we prepare for 2021.

Before we walk away from 2020, I need to acknowledge some of the exceptional efforts and accomplishments that made this Virtual Run a Success…

Don “Ten-A-See” King, Mary “Cupcake” Pittman, Richard “Rags” Getchell, Brandon “Five-O” McCray, “Peppermint Patti” Bogan and of course, Gwynne “Ladybug” Dunlap – whether on camera or behind the scenes, your input, contributions and support made all this possible.  To our Guest Speakers, Rosa Salinas, Dane Long and Darrin Isham – thank you for sharing a little about your connection with a person whose name is on the Middel East Conflicts Wall.  Your message is very important to us all, even more so when we know your heart is doing the talking.  Your presence with us on the Briefings brought this all home.

I also need to acknowledge you, the dedicated RFTW Rider, the RFTW Leadership Team Member, the RFTW Mission Supporter – all Patriotic Americans of the highest caliber!  Your continued focus on the Mission and what it means to the Gold Star and Blue Star Families, the POW/MIA Families, the KIA/WIA Families, the Veteran and the Veteran’s Families CANNOT be over emphasized!  This Mission lives in your heart and breathes through your actions.  Thank you all for your unwavering support and exceptional contributions.

As we close out the logbook for this year’s efforts and start focusing on the year ahead, we all may see the light shining on May 2021 when we will join once again to Ride for Those Who Can’t.  Until then ride safe, be well, stay strong and Continue the Mission!  And always remember that all roads lead to all roads, so no matter where you go, TOGETHER WE RIDE!



Bugs out!

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RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator