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RFTW SR RC Newsletter – 18 FEBRUARY 2019


****UPDATE 19FEB2019 – See “On a happier note…” section below****

99 Southern Route Riders,

If you have a Southern Route Day 4 lodging reservation at the Host Hotel, Comfort Inn & Suites in Grand Prairie for the night of Saturday, 18 MAY 2019… your lodging is in jeopardy.  We have just learned that the property will be undergoing renovations and a change of ownership and they will not be able to accommodate all of the reservations that they have accepted for our stop in Grand Prairie.

Please call them and check on your reservation.  If AFTER you call them, you find that you no longer have a confirmed room there, we have already arranged another group lodging rate at a nearby property.  Please write an e-mail to me and/or the ARC and/or the North Texas State Coordinator CONFIRMING that 1.  You HAD a reservation at the Comfort Inn in Grand Prairie and 2. They told you that your reservation has been cancelled.  If you convey in an e-mail that both of those apply to you, we have an alternate lodging location for you.  On Monday, 25 FEB 2019, I will publish to the SR Hotel list those additional group rate arrangements so that anyone may have access.

On a happier note…  (**** UPDATE 19FEB2019****)

We also just learned that the Comfort In & Suites in Odessa, TX has lowered their nightly rate for our stay there to $119We were just notified that they’ve lowered the nightly rate AGAIN to $99 saying they “…wanted to do more for these Patriots!”  Still no action required on your part if you already have a reservation – the new rate should be retroactive to your previous arrangement.  If you don’t have a reservation – there may still be rooms available…  See the Southern Route Hotel list for contact details.

Update on the Itinerary Book…

We have been working diligently to complete and compile the 2019 Southern Route Itinerary Book and it is very near completion.  It should go to press in less than two weeks.  A pdf version will be published on the Southern Route Hub just after it is accepted for print.

That’s all for now…

May is just around the corner, and there is plenty left to do – for all of us.  Mental and emotional preparation for the Mission is just as important as the physical and mechanical.  We always say “No Attitudes on the Run!”  But I’m here to tell you that everyone coming on the Southern Route has this assignment – bring with you to Ontario the biggest bag of POSITIVE ATTITUDE that you can carry.  Bring enough to share.  Bring enough to pass out some to everyone you meet along the way.  Do that, and your bag will never go empty because the more POSITIVE ATTITUDE you take out to share, the fuller your bag will get!  That’s how WE will work together.  That’s how TOGETHER WE will make a POSITIVE difference in people’s lives along the way!  That’s how WE RIDE!


Very best regards,

Billie “Bugs” Dunlap

Southern Route Coordinator

Run For The Wall XXXI