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Southern Route Coordinator News – April 2022 Part 3

RFTW XXXII 2022 RC Newsletter

April,  2022 Part 3



Greetings Southern Route Riders,

The itinerary is set, and final preparations are underway.  Lately the most often asked question I get is “Is it May yet?”  the answer is soon, very soon.

The second most asked question is “How much is it going to cost me for fuel?”  The best answer to date has been, that depends on fuel prices.  We have 21 scheduled fuel stops on the Southern Route.  Some are fully donated; some are partially donated, and some are paid by the Riders.  Our trusty team has been tracking the gas prices all along our Route.  They have gone up and down but appear right now to be stabilizing somewhat.  We have a plan. For the partially donated stops, we will collect $5 from each vehicle and $10 at the Rider paid stops.  The most you will ever have to pay at a stop is $10, if you do your part.  Now what is your part?  That’s easy, show up every morning with a full tank.  It is what you should be doing everyday


In my last regular newsletter, I mentioned a Golden Ticket.  What? You say.  Would that get me a tour in the Chocolate Factory?  No, but it would cover all of your fuel expenses, clear across the country. Yes, that’s right, all your fuel would be prepaid at every scheduled stop on the Southern Route 2022.  We have 2000 special raffle tickets which will be sold in Ontario for only $5 each or 5 for $20.  Depending on the number of tickets sold, is how many Golden Tickets (up to 10) will be awarded.  The additional monies collected will be used to pay for our Chase and the Hydration vehicles fuel costs.

High Fuel prices are something we all have to bear in our daily lives.  We are doing our best to stretch our limited fuel budget to keep the Riders’ costs down.  Also, to help speed up our lines through the pumps have your $5s and /or $10s ready.  As always, No Change will be given, any overpayment will be considered a donation to the fuel fund.  Please no $1 bills, Box Tops, IOUs or Crypto.  How much should you budget for fuel from LA to DC?  The best guess at this point is $340 to $370.  This would also cover your overnight fueling, so you have no excuse for not showing up to staging with a full tank every morning.