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Southern Route Coordinator News Christmas Eve 2020

My Christmas (Poem) Rhyme

By Bob Nelson

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the lands

People were busy washing their hands

We all went about with masks on our faces

Finding businesses closed in so many places

We never imagined how bad it would get

As we chanted aloud “Is it May Yet?”

Cancelling the Run, no one could believe

Our bags were packed, we were ready to leave.

No Work, No School so we stayed close to home

In the garage with our bikes, just polishing chrome

Were allowed in public, but six feet apart

Not at a Church but ok at Wal-Mart

The vaccines are here, and the end is in sight

We will never surrender, we’re up for the fight

We’re Stronger Together We will get through this

But Santa, I ask you just one Christmas Wish

Take 2020 with you into the night as you go

And bury it deep into the cold Arctic snow

I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight Merry Christmas to ALL

Now Let’s Run For The Wall

Written December 24, 2020