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Southern Route Coordinator News Feb 2020 #2

Only 80 days before kickstands up in Ontario.  It seems like a long, long time when you are waiting.  But, when you are working the details, time is flying by.  Speaking of flying, we just got back from the February Face-to-Face meeting of the RFTW Board of Directors, in Dallas.   It was a very productive meeting where topics which affect all Routes were discussed.  Among them were Hydration availability in Ontario, Several common sense cost cutting measures, Behavior of Dogs the Run, Parking at the host hotel in Arlington.

We will have a Hydration Trailer in Ontario, starting on Sunday.  There is usually water available in the lobby, but with this crowd it is almost impossible to keep up with the demand. 

Many of the Leadership Support persons will only wear one brassard, if they do not need to be identifiable while on the road.  Some positions were combined or eliminated.   The change to one Tail Gunner per platoon was based on practicality, not to cut cost.

Behavior of Dogs is pretty straight forward, they must be on a leash or in your physical control at all times, do not let your dog beg, bark or bite.  This is a motorcycle event, and it is hard enough on us.  I ask that you Please think twice before subjecting your dog to this environment.

As of right now, the number one plan for Arlington arrival parking is, we will all (except 4-wheelers) pull into the Holiday Inn upper lot, where we will stack in 4-wide and stay on our bikes.  Once everyone is in, we will exit 2-wide, those staying at the Holiday Inn will go left to the underground parking and those staying elsewhere will go to the right.  Southern Route will be the second route to arrive.

The 2020 Southern Route Itinerary should be posted on the website by March 1st.   We will take orders for the 20th Anniversary Southern Route T-Shirts until April 10th.  They are $25 for Short Sleeve and $35 for the long sleeve.  We also have some of the 20th Anniversary patches available.  Please refer to earlier newsletters for ordering information.

More to Follow……