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Southern Route Coordinator News January 2022 Part 2

RFTW XXXII 2022 RC Newsletter

January  2022 Part 2






Greetings All,

As I complete my 70th lap around the Sun, I am reminded that no matter how many times we do we can’t help but reflect back on what we accomplished and that we have yet to finish.   2022 will be the year that we get our Run For The Wall Mission XXXII back on track.  Our Leadership and State Coordinators are working day and night working on every detail.  Please, if you have not already pre-registered, do so soon.  I would really help the planning effort.  We have 107 days before kickstands up.  Don’t wait until the last minute to get you and your ride ready, make a plan and follow through.

If you are someone who is or was an aspiring journalist, your opportunity may await. We are looking for someone to be our daily Sit-Rep Writer.   If you are interested in this position or would like to know more about it, please contact our Assistant Route Coordinator Kris Wood

Lastly, I would like to Thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes.  Some were simple, some funny and some “colorful” ALL Made My Day.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Positive & Stay Flexible.