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The Board of Directors is Looking For A Few Good Patriots

President's Message

The RFTW Board of Directors consists of nine members, each of whom serves a three-year term. We try very hard to keep the year-groups balanced, which means that every year we must fill three seats, and 2022 is no exception.

Our ridership has a great many talented people who actively look for ways to serve Run For The Wall. The Board of Directors is the pinnacle of the service pyramid, as our members directly affect all aspects of the Run and its mission.

There are no formal prerequisites to join the BoD. Anyone may apply, but as is the case with any selection process, knowledge and experience are key to being successful. We look for candidates who have several years of experience riding with RFTW and who have held leadership and/or service positions on their respective routes.

The application process is very straightforward. Simply prepare a “resume” in two parts. First, briefly tell us about yourself and your work history. We are particularly interested in your military service, if any, and an overview of your career, with particular emphasis on positions where you exercised leadership and/or management level responsibilities. The second part should detail your RFTW experiences. This would include the number of years you’ve ridden with RFTW, which route(s) you’ve ridden with, the number of times you’ve gone “All The Way,” and most importantly, what jobs you’ve held on the Run. Since the reputation you’ve built on the Run is often a determining factor in selection to the Board, feel free to ask Team Leaders, former Route Coordinators, and others to forward letters of recommendation on your behalf if you wish. Send your resume to our Chairman, Jim Marshall, at by April 30th.

All of us have thought, at one time or another, “If only I was in charge, I’d sure do things differently!” Well, here’s your chance. Decisions are made by those who step up. Will YOU be one of them? I hope so.


Dave “Papa Smurf” Klemme
President, RFTW Board of Directors
“Freedom Isn’t Free”

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