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Southern Route Coordinator News – JUL 2018 – Part 1

Greetings from Pax River!  

I am extremely honored to have been confirmed as your RFTW XXXI Southern Route Coordinator and look forward to another successful and rewarding year serving you all and this great Mission.  


For my first announcement as RC, I am very happy to tell you that Bob “Captain America” Nelson has been confirmed by your Board of Directors as the RFTW XXXI Southern Route ARC.  Bob has been a major contributor to the continued success of our Southern Route having served in a number of demanding leadership positions.  He recently served for two years as our Platoon Coordinator and just this year he qualified as a Road Guard.  As I write this he is in the middle of completing the Hoka Hey Challenge.  Please congratulate him when you get the chance and show him the same fantastic support that I’ve enjoyed over the past year.

Next, I’d like to send out a GIANT THANK YOU to everyone who put so much of their time, effort, donations and HEART into making RFTW XXX such a HUGE SUCCESS.  Chad “Slacker” O’Dell was absolutely the right leader for that Run and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for the enormous personal investment he made toward its success.  His was an investment that will pay off for us all in the years to come.

As the RFTW XXXI train starts rolling toward next May, we are all very fortunate to have so many of our great leadership team returning…

Road Guard Captain – Bob “Captain” Mazzone
Platoon Coordinator – Vic “Big Vic” Killion
Senior Chaplain – Jerry “Partner” Plent
Fuel Team Lead – Curt “Stitch” Bancroft
Registration Lead – Shirley “Top Sarge” Scott
Merchandise Lead – Carol Olmstead
Outreach Visitation – Karoni “Hoops” Forrester
• An many others…


Three very important leadership roles still not yet assigned are Ambassador Lead, Staging Lead, and Finance Coordinator.  If you have a heart to serve the Mission and the Riders of RFTW, then we need you on the team!  It’s not too late if someone out there is interested in one of these very important jobs.  As usual, I expect to have the entire team assigned by the end of the Kerrville Reunion.

The Southern Route Coordinator News will be published throughout the year in several parts per month so that you can read through quickly and stay informed.

Watch for Part 2 coming soon…

Bugs out!

Billie “Bugs” Dunlap

Southern Route Coordinator

Run For The Wall XXXI

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