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Southern Route Coordinator News – July 2019

Greetings from the “Battle Born” State of Nevada,

I am truly honored to have been confirmed by the Board of Directors to be your Run For The Wall XXXII 2020, Southern Route Coordinator.

For those who do not know me; I am a Vietnam Veteran (US Navy ’72- “73), Afghanistan Veteran (US Army 2003) and a retired US Army soldier in 2010.  I was a Run For The Wall FNG in 2004, 2020 will be my will be my 12thAll The Way on the Southern Route.  I have been in all platoon leadership positions, including Platoon Coordinator.  In 2018 I started as a RGIT and ended as a Road Guard.  For my 2019 Mission, I served as Assistant Route Coordinator alongside our RFTW XXXIRoute Coordinator, Billie “Bugs” Dunlap.  I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to “Bugs”for his leadership and guidance, which has given me the confidence to take over the helm of an Outstanding leadership team.

This just in…. it is my pleasure to announce that the Run For The Wall Board of Directors has confirmed Kristine “Eyes” Wood to be Run For The Wall XXXII 2020, Southern Route, Assistant Route Coordinator.  Kris has been an integral part of Run For The Wall leadership for many years now.  She too, has served in all platoon leadership positions.  Also “Eyes” has reported the Southern Route spirit in her sitreps for the past three Missions.  She has immense dedication to the Mission as evidenced by her authoring Run for the Wall – a Journey to the Vietnam Memorial.  Please congratulate Kris when you get a chance and give her the same enthusiastic support, I’ve enjoyed this past year.

Our goal is to make our Mission as Safe and Stress Free as possible.  

We will build from the great success of our 2019 Mission.  Many of our senior leaders will be returning to provide continuity and experience.

  • Road Guard Captain – Bob “Captain” Mazzone
  • Platoon Coordinator – Vic “Big Vic” Killion
  • Senior Chaplain – Jerry “Partner” Plent
  • Fuel Team Lead – Curt “Stitch” Bancroft
  • Staging Team Lead – Steve “Dragon” Edmonds
  • Ambassador Team Lead – Dave “Huey” Palmer
  • Registration Lead – Shirley “Top Sarge” Scott
  • Merchandise Lead – Carol Olmstead
  • Outreach Visitation – Karoni “Hoops” Forrester
  • And many others…

The Southern Route Online Volunteer Formshould go livevery soon.

Watch the website for the announcement.


Bob “Captain America” Nelson
Southern Route Coordinator
Run For The Wall XXXII 2020