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Southern Route Coordinator News – March 2022

RFTW XXXII 2022 RC Newsletter

March,  2022




Greetings RFTW Family,

After dealing with lengthy supply train issues, the wait is over.  We now have New 2022 merchandise is now available at the shop on the Run For The Wall website 2022 Run For The Wall Merchandise.  Don’t wait, get your order in today.

Instead of my usual monolog I will just give you the bullet points

  • What gas Prices will be in May is anyone guess.  Expect to pay more.  We are working to minimize the impact. 
  • There will be another FNG Town Hall on Zoom March 24, 2022, starting at 1600 Pacific.  Invitation emails will go out next week.  Questions may be submitted in advance.  All 4 Routes will be represented.
  • Southern Route is still looking for Volunteers to fill needed positions mostly in Platoon Leadership.  Position Descriptions and Requirements can be found on the Southern Route Volunteers Page
  • In Ontario, there will be a ride to Riverside National Cemetery on Tuesday May 17, 2022.   Riders will stage at “LOT D” Anyone going must be a registered RFTW Rider.  Registration will open to RNC Riders, at 0700 only for those who still need to register.  Road Guards will lead you there, you need to find your own way back.  You must be back for the MANDATORY all hands meeting at 1500, also in LOT D.

Stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow 3/10…..

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