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Southern Route Coordinator News – November, 2020 Part 1

Greetings from a cold & snowy Winter day in the Nevada High Desert,

As you can see from the picture below Winter is here.  It’s hard to believe that Tuesday it was sunny and 70 degrees and today we probably won’t see 30.  Seems amazing how things can change in just a few days.

Enough about that, it is Run For The Wall planning season.   We here on Southern Route are busy preparing for the 2021 Run.  We hope to keep changes to a minimum, but I know that the Southern Route Riders are an adaptable bunch.  As of right now, our basic route will not change, and our overnight stops will be the same as planned for 2020.   Our wonderful State Coordinators are working on hotels and organizing our vast support network, to make 2021 a success.  If you see or hear anything that may affect the Southern Route, please share it with the appropriate State Coordinator, Kris Wood or myself.   Their contact information can be found on the RFTW website, Southern Route Hub, SR Contacts .

I have gotten some emails from riders wanting to volunteer their service to the 2021 Run.  I applaud the spirit.  There are very few openings, but most Team Leaders are adding riders to their Standby List. Feel free to contact them directly, we will not open the Online Volunteer Signup.  You can check the link above to see current openings and Team Lead contact information.  Note: You cannot volunteer to be an Ambassador.

Wednesday November 11th is Veterans Day.  Take the time to give that old Veteran buddy of yours a call just to see how they are doing.  Never Forget who gave us our Freedom.