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Southern Route Coordinator News – October, 2020 Part 2

Applications are now being accepted

We are planning to change the way we assign riders to our Memorial Outreaches.  In past years we have assigned platoon(s) to each memorial.  We may still send a platoon to some but would rather send volunteers on a signup basis.  Riders will be able to sign up as soon as the outreach schedule is published

With that in mind we are looking for an Outreach Coordinator for Memorials and an Assistant.  The ideal candidates would have to meet some basic requirements and possess a “certain set of skills”. 

The Requirements are:

  • Ride a 2 or 3-wheel motorcycle without a trailer, equipped with a working mounted CB radio  
  • Have ridden All The Way on Southern Route at least 2 times
  • Have Platoon Leadership or equivalent experience.  The Coordinator will be the lead of the outreach group

Skills needed:

  • Leadership, have knowledge of the outreach routes, work with the assigned Road Guards, be on time.
  • Organizational, you must keep track of the volunteers for each outreach and make sure they are aware of when and where they need to be.
  • Communication, know the significance of the memorial, brief the riders and be available to brief the entire Route at the morning Riders’ Meeting.

If you feel up to the challenge, please send me a bio ( ) showcasing your Skills, RFTW history and other pertinent information you would like to have considered.