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SR Pre-Run. Monday, May 15th

What a way to start the day!   The great folks at the Elks Lodge not only opened up their place for our meetings, but also is providing us 3 meals a day at great prices.   And what do we have for today?   The awesome Ontario Fire Department, working with the Lodge,  came out, fired up the griddles & made us pancakes.   For lunch, we had hamburgers, & the smoke from the outdoor grills cooking those patties just made your mouth water.   To top it off—-they served an awesome steak dinner for the evening.   This place was hopping all day long—with meetings, registrations or just socializing.   Back at the host hotel, the parking lot was busy as well, especially the merchandise trailer.   Many other “logistic duties” & errands were getting done by all routes.

This afternoon there at the Elks Lodge, we had the special privilege of watching Army Specialist Stephen Peterson, from the Middle East Conflict, receive his bike from Combat Hero Bike Build.   This is always a great, yet humbling thing to witness.

Tomorrow will bring something entirely new to the Run!   Something not ever done before—it’s exciting, yet, with anything tried out for the first time, it’s nerve-wracking.  “Stay tuned” as they say.

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