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FNG Story – Buddy Love

Name: Buddy Love
Phone: 318-697-1877
City: Logansport
State: Louisiana
FNG Story:

The road is long, the sun is hot,
And in my throat there is a knot
RUN FOR THE WALL is where I’m at
It’n not just a ride, it’s much more that

These tears in the wind are for you my fiend,
For sacrifices made
All gave some, some gave all,
Your memories will never fade.

As I ride tears stream from my eyes
It isn’t wrong when a grown man cries
A soldier’s memory ride by my side
Local heroes who suffered and died.

The “friendlies” are great, they wave us on
This ride we make is very well known
Flags are waving and tears are flowing
The number in our group keeps on growing

Choppers in Mississippi escort our way
The school kids in Virginia make my day
A week of riding new friends I’ve found
All riding together, Washington bound

To make this ride has been my dream
I’ve waited all my life or so it seems
To pay my respects for soldiers gone
As I ride this road, I am not alone

This RUN FOR THE WALL is for you my friend
My proudest moment in 2010
Tears in the wind as I ride along
Gathering words for this song.

(written by Linda Love for Buddy Love)

Thanks to all on the RFTW 2010 who let me join this wonderful group this year. I have been waiting for this for years and was not disappointed. I got to pay respects to local heroes at the WALL. Thanks so much to all responsible for making this a safe journey for all of us. “MOJO” and her group in third platoon kept very good care of me, Thanks.