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David E. Sholly

Name: David E. Sholly
Phone: 303-847-6398
City: Aurora
State: Colorado
FNG Story:

I was given a RUN FOR THE WALL pin by a co-worker five years ago. He told me his story, of his ride and what it had meant to him.

I am a 100% P&T disabled veteran, in remission from lung cancer for two and one half years. I felt now was my time to go to the Wall!

After 41 years of an emptiness, I felt a kinship and a healing as I met my new Brothers & Sisters from the Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and U.S. Active Duty war veteran riders, and one very Special Gold Star Mom, and her dog Gizmo.

As an FNG I got to ride my motorcycle into Arlington National Cemetery, and see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and then onto the Viet Nam War Memorial.

The people saying thank you for your service, and the patriotism I saw on the bridge over passes, as we rode under them and in the towns with the > American flags displayed, melted away the hard feelings I had of the past when we came home without any respect or honor. God willing I’ll be part of the RFTW in 2011!

A special thank you to the RFTW 2010, organizers, advanced teams, road guards, tail gunners, service trucks. A heart felt special thank you to the Platoon Leader and Asst. Platoon Leader of Platoon #4, central route! All of you made my experience an unforgettable, safe and pleasurable trip!

I purchased twenty five 2010 RFTW pins to pass out to veterans who have not yet made the run, hoping to inspire them as my friend did me!