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FNG Story – Greg Quintana

Name: Greg Quintana
Phone: 505-688-4422
City: Rio Rancho
State: New Mexico
FNG Story:

It is 2010 and we are ready to hit the road again. To start my story off I would like to thank all of you who participate and organize this wonderful event yearly. There is a lot that goes into this event and up until you ride in it you don’t appreciate the hard work.

A friend told us about the ride and at first I thought how will I be able to take the time out of off of work and life to go on a MOTORCYCLE RIDE. Well let me be the first to say this is NOT a MOTORCYCLE RIDE. This is a Mission and is one of the most memorable events I think I will ever have in my life. I thought of the many men and women who fought for us to have freedom for our beloved country the entire time we were on the road. I rode for my father whom served in Vietnam, and I thank god everyday he returned and is still with me today. I thought of what he and all the troops up until today have and had to endure during the wars.

When you get on your bike and start the mission, your mind is focused on our troops that served past and present.

We rode through New Mexico only being that time away from work for me would not permit me to take a longer leave, but it was an eye opening experience to see the support that my home state has for this event and for the troops. I would have to say that riding into Sata Fe was very special to me being that my hometown, and having the helicopter above us escorting us in to town for lunch. Angel fire was a tear jerker as we came into town as well. All the supporters young and old waving flags and the number solutes we all recieved was overwhelming. The only time I go to Angel fire is to ski. I have never set foot on the memorial till I was on the mission. I will thank the RFTW for that till the day i die.

We will be going one state further this time from New Mexico to Kansas. I hope in the next few years i can go all the way from CA to DC.

Thank you for the experience.

Greg Quintana