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FNG Story – Joe Middleton

Name: Joe Middleton
Phone: 325-669-8723
City: Abilene
State: TX
FNG Story:

I want to say first that this was the best experience I have enjoyed in many, many years. That being said the people I met, the people I saw, the old and new vets I had the privilege of being among, the many kids and people along the side of the roads waving flags and yelling and shouting with love and respect was overwhelming to me. I come from a town in Texas that is has large military influence in it’s population, but to see the outpouring from the small communities along the route from Weatherford, Tx
to DC gave me more faith in the future of our country than I could have gotten from any where.

As long as there or people like this, showing their respect to our military, and it’s fallen, past and present, we are in good hands. As long as we have our sons and daughters showing their kids and grandkids what respect for God and country really is, then we’ll be OK. I feel honored to have ridden with what I feel like are real men and women who honestly still have a deep love for this country and what it’s all about, all politics aside and riding to honor those that have given all
for us to be able to do so.

It is not hard to see how this adventure gets into your blood. I know it has gotten into mine. The Lord willing, and if “Chicken Joe” and Dan “Wide Load” will allow me to join 7th platoon (Triker and Trailer Trash Trash) next year, I would be honored to ride with them all the way from CA to DC. Oh yea! You others that have to stay in your air-conditioned rooms can come along also LOL.

We left as individuals and arrived as family. I never enjoyed being welcomed home like this before.

Thank you 1ST Sargent and every one else who made this event a life changer for me.