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2024 Central Route Itinerary Posted @

Central Route Itinerary Cover 2024

Aloha RFTW O’hana –
May is 30-days away, and KSU is in 44-days!

We are pleased to announce that the Official 2024 Central Route Itinerary is complete.

It can be viewed and downloaded here:

Additionally, if you want to PRINT a hard copy BOOKLET for yourself, the best thing to do is use this PRINT version, and print using the PRINT BOOKLET Option with Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

  1. Put on your phone version – Click here
  2. Print booklet version, using Print Booklet function of Adobe Acrobat – Click Here (Save file to your computer first.) — Instructions on how to PRINT BOOKLET Here. Must be able to print on two sides of paper. Click here for instructions.** The MAP pages are on the LONG EDGE in the PRINT Version, and they are rotated for easier viewing in the Phone version.

To download and put the itinerary on your Apple iPhone click on the itinerary link at the Central Hub, then follow these instructions below.

Save and View PDFs to the Books app on your iPhone or iPad

Use Apple Books to save and view PDFs.

Tap the link above and get the itinerary PDF to open it.

  1. Tap the Share button .
  2. Swipe left over the app icons and tap Books.
    The Apple Books icon
    If you can’t see Books, tap the More button. Then tap Books.
    The Apple Books icon appears when you tap the More button.

Your PDF will open and save automatically in the Books app. You can find it later in the Library tab.

If you own an Android, follow these instructions:

See you in May!

Kirk “Pretty Boy” Olson 
Asst Route Coordinator 2024 | Central Route
Run for the Wall®

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