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August 2020 Central Route Coordinator News

Greetings from Nuevo,
I hope you all had a good July in your respective quarantines. I spent July in Nuevo trying to catch up on projects on the home front, but I did manage to squeeze in a few rides to Idyllwild. The highlight of my June was the Carson City Combat Hero Bike Build, and seeing so many RFTW friends there.

Things are loosening and tightening faster than we can track. By now you all are likely aware that our Angel Fire Reunion was cancelled. At present the Texas All-Riders reunion is still planned to take place in Kerrville Texas September 25-27. Our RFTW website has more information.

On August 1, registration for RFTW 2021 opened. The first person to register was a
Central Route All the Way rider! If you were registered for 2020, you are automatically registered for 2021. If you were registered last year and are not going to make the run in 2021, you need to cancel on our RFTW website. Changes or cancellations are made on RFTW 2021-Registration Revisions. The reason this is important is that we need to let the folks downstream know how many of us to expect in 2021.

Jan and I are headed back to Carpinteria State Beach on August 5 for five more weeks of camp hosting. I’ll check back in with you in mid-September. Until then, ride safely and stay well. God Bless the United States of America.

Tom (Boomps) Miller
Run for the Wall
Central Route Coordinator