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SandBox RC Newsletter – AUGUST 2020 – Mid-Summer Heatwave Edition

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Howdy from Texas!

August already – are you kidding me?!?  Hard to believe that it’s been almost three months since we were doing the SandBox Virtual Daily Briefings back in May.  But three months down is three months closer to next May and the grand reunion!

I’ll try to keep this short, but there are some VERY IMPORTANT items that all of our SandBox Route Riders and Leaders need to know dealing with 1) Registration, 2) StandBy List, 3) SandBox Commemorative Patch, and 4) Quarterly Virtual Status Meeting.


There are a couple items on Registration that you need to know…  A).  If you were registered for the SandBox Route for 2020, you are and will remain registered for the SandBox Route for 2021.  If you find you must withdraw from the route, please notify me at so that we may bring in someone from the StandBy List.  B).  If your registration info changes (Insurance date, Driver License info, etc.) DO NOT try to update this info with electronic OnLine Registration.  You may write in the updated info when you show up in person for sign-in next May.  The OnLine system for updating an existing registration is complex and will ultimately require individual revision by our Registrar and there will be hundreds of such changes since almost everyone needs some kind of update.  A simple write-in next May is very much preferred.


The SandBox Route StandBy Registration List is still in effect and accepting applications for those not already registered on the SandBox Route.  The Standby Registration procedure is the same as it was last November – before you sign up, please review this link for instructions:  SandBox Route StandBy Registration – 08 NOV 2019.  NOTE:  If you plan to ride only on the SandBox Route, first register online for any one of Central, Southern or Midway Routes with your start and endpoint as Washington DC – when picked up on SandBox Route, the Registrar will change your endpoint to Marseilles, Illinois.


The limited first edition patch is still available!  It was designed and stitched back in February to be used as a fundraiser on the Route.  This patch was made in a limited quantity and though we may produce another for next May, there will be no re-order with the dates of our originally scheduled Run – the Commemorative Patch…

SandBox Route Inaugural Run Patch

Here are the details…  The patch is available for a donation $20 to the SandBox Route.  The patch is no longer limited to 1 per person.  The patches will be provided per the order in which requests are received.

Here’s how to get yours…  Send an e-mail with your request to:  In the e-mail, please include your Name and Mailing Address and how many patches you’d like to reserve.  You will receive a reply with instructions on where and how to send your donation.  When your donation is received, the patch will be mailed to the address you provided in the e-mail.  If you’ve written to reserve a patch but haven’t sent in your donation – please send it in soon or risk losing your place in line.

Don’t delay – donate today! That’s all there is to it! I’ll be watching for your e-mail!


The response and enthusiasm for the SandBox Route Virtual Daily Briefings was so positive that I proposed a quarterly SandBox Route Virtual Status Meeting that will be open to all riders and leaders from the Route and others who may be interested.  We expect to stand up Zoom as the Virtual Briefing System of Record here very soon and when that happens, I will coordinate the first of our quarterly virtual briefings.  The briefing will be announced and have a link provided right here on an upcoming Special Edition RC Newsletter, so watch for it in the next few weeks.

That’s all for now. Y’all take care, stay well and stay strong!  Remember, all roads lead to all roads so no matter where you go, TOGETHER WE RIDE!


Bugs out!

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RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator