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Midway Route Coordinator News – May 2019

It’s May!

The long awaited departure date is in sight, May 15, 2019, three routes one mission!

I wish to extend a special thank you and recognition to the following State Coordinators, who unselfishly and tirelessly planned their state events to ensure a welcoming and memorable experience:

Carol Olmstead, California State Coordinator
Roy Meek, Arizona State Coordinator
Tina Reeves, New Mexico State Coordinator
Daniel Stewart, Texas State Coordinator
Dennis Freie, Oklahoma State Coordinator
Ron King, Tennessee State Coordinator
Christina Roulston, Arkansas State Coordinator
Richard House, North Carolina State Coordinator
Shelia Tyus, Virginia State Coordinator
John Staub, Washington DC Coordinator

There are many individuals who assisted the State Coordinators and are too many to list. Our sincere thanks and gratefulness is extended to everyone behind the scenes who have made this mission a success. A tremendous amount of work went into each state, each event, and each day. Please extend your gratitude to these individuals when you cross paths. We could not do anything without their hard work, diligence, planning, time and insight.

We have some great leadership along the route. Please adhere to the guidance and instructions of Leadership, particularly Road Guards and Platoon Leaders.

See you in Ontario, CA!


Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”

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Midway Route Coordinator News – April 2019

Fellow Participants,

We are a month and a half away from departure. I for one am in great anticipation for this year’s mission. We have great leadership assisting in various roles, State Coordinators and Assistance preparing for our arrival.

I received some good news about Hopewell VA, they do not want us to change our plans. How grateful can you be for a wonderful town and group of people despite their tragic losses. We should reflect on our blessings and to be blessed to bless others. This makes the mission all the more important.

The Ontario Itinerary is posted and yes it is correct. Only one-half hour for FNG meeting, but more will be covered in the “Mandatory” Safety Meeting that follows the FNG Meeting. I would like leadership to think of this half-hour as a meet-n-greet time. A time to shake hands and welcome the participants.

Last year’s Midway Route Coordinator, Mike “Bandit” Huber and his bride, Melanie “Sassie” Huber have donated and will be auctioning two steers for RFTW Midway fundraising.

The auction will be on Monday, May 13th at 5 p.m. at the Gateway Hotel in Ontario for two whole steers. Mike “Bandit” Huber will be the auctioneer.

Proceeds will go to Falcon, N. C., Children’s Home and Milan, New Mexico, Elementary School hosts to RFTW Midway Route. The steers will be auctioned separately and the money raised will go to the school designated for each steer. Cost of processing/shipping is above winning bid and is the responsibility of winning bidder(s). There’s even an option of leaving the steers on the ranch to live out a PC, non-life threatening existence and just donating the money.

Riders and support are all encouraged to form up some creatively-named teams and join in the bidding fun while raising money for our future leaders!

The parade for the Marine Corp Barracks parade is posted to the RFTW website.Check the website for details.

See you all very soon, in the meantime be safe and God Bless!

Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.,
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”

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Midway Route Coordinator News – March 2019

Dear Participants,

We are about 75 days away from departure and time flies faster as that day approaches.

We have made significant progress toward departure; Midway Route is secure, State Coordinators have worked hard to make this a memorable mission and final draft of our itinerary is being reviewed and will be published to the website there soon after wards.

Most have heard of the recent news about the Moose Lodge in Hopewell, VA. It was destroyed in an early morning fire in late February. This is not just a lodge, but a community center servicing Hopewell. It has a great history of over 65 years in the community. A tremendous amount of history, artifacts and memorabilia was destroyed. The lodge has been a welcomed support to Midway RFTW since inception in 2013. We have some fond memories there with the Tussing Elementary School signing patriot songs, local fire and police support with their vehicles and welcoming bagpipes, and who can forget the Dancing Grandma’s! The staff are an incredible group of people and this has likely been a shock to them all. We will not alter our plans to Hopewell at this time, but may have to look to another venue based upon State Coordinator recommendations. Regardless, we will love and pray upon them and take up a collection of some sort when that time comes. They plan on rebuilding the lodge.

I am very excited about this year’s mission. With a incredible and fine group of people supporting the Midway, how could anyone ask for anything else? I am very proud of the people who have stepped up to serve the RFTW and MIdway Route.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.

Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.,
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”

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Midway Route Coordinator News – February 2019

Fellow Participants;

We are near the 90 day mark before our departure for the XXXI Run for the Wall. I hope everyone participating feels the same excitement and anticipation like I do.

There has been many inquiries of those who drive “Sling Shots.” It is the decision of the Board of Directors that they will not be permitted to drive with the platoons. All “Sling Shots” regardless of opinion will be placed behind the Rear Road Guards and Last Man Vehicle. “Sling Shots” registered for the run will be afforded the respect given to other participants, except the Order of March.

The California State Coordinator, Carol Olmstead, has made a request of participants, to submit their photos of loved one’s who have served in the military. Accompanying the photo should include name, rank, year’s of service and a brief biography. These photos will be placed in the RFTW 2019 Biography Book by Carol. Forward your photos to:

All of the State Coordinators continue to work hard and diligent for you to ensure a memorable journey. They are some outstanding individuals with a true heart for this mission.

A reminder to all FNG’s if you do not have the required documentation at the time of registration, i.e., valid driver’s license, current vehicle registration, motorcycle endorsement and current vehicle insurance you cannot participate on the run. Please ensure you have all of your documentation on hand when you arrive at the registration site. If you register on-line this information must be presented to the Registration Team at the time you join the ride. Save $20.00 by registering in advance. Onsite registration is $50.00.

I have heard and learned over the years that sitting on a motorcycle for many days and miles can cause the “old buttocks” to become sore or uncomfortable. Other than a seat cushion, wearing “wicker” type under garments will ease those “hot spots” and be more comfortable.

The day’s are numbered and the anticipation grows, please ensure your motorcycle is mechanically sound. Don’t take this for granted. Also, look into “under insured” motorcycle insurance added to your existing coverage.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.

Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.,
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”

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Midway Route Coordinator News – January 2019

Fellow Midway Participants;

I know you have heard this repeated over the last several days, But a very Happy New Year! We are at the four month mark before our departure. The time and year has truly flown by with a lot of work still to do. Thank you to all those who have stepped up to support leadership. Our State Coordinators are doing a terrific job in planning our arrival and the days events. We are very grateful to these individuals and what they have done and will do to make our mission a success.

I know many of you took the opportunity to make hotel reservations once the list came out on January 1st and found how fast the host hotel’s filled up. Please don’t be discouraged as other hotels are available in the areas. You can even book hotels that are even far less than what we have offered. We try an accommodate the best we can.

When you visit the website look for runs or meetings that support the missions. They are informative, you can meet individuals and can gain a perspective of what to expect and how to manage the ride. I recently attended a gathering where FNG’s announced their return and new riders were signing up. Great opportunity to meet and greet.

One last thing, have you looked at your motorcycle insurance coverage? Most riders and drivers only insure the minimum coverage. Majority of insurance companies do not cover medical. One thing I did was to update both my auto and motorcycle coverage to included “under insured” motorist. Do not confuse this with “uninsured” coverage as they are significantly different. Check with your insurance policy and or check with your agent on this addendum. I can tell you from experience it is very beneficial.

Thank you to all leadership and support personnel for the continued success of the Midway Route.


Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner, Jr.
2019 Midway Route Coordinator

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Midway Route Coordinator News – December 2018

December has arrived and we count down the days to the New Year. I for one wonder were has the time gone. With that in mind have you made your New Year resolution? Health, happiness and an attitude of being grateful in all things.
December has some remembrance to reflect upon;
December 7th was Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Casualties from the surprise attack by the Japanese were estimated at 2,335 with over 1,700 coming from the USS Arizona alone.
The 382nd Birthday of the United States National Guard originated in 1636. Over the years, centuries, the National Guard has played a vital role in our military heritage and traditions.
The Midway Route Cards are being finalized with State Coordinators then will go to print for the route itinerary and leadership use.
Numerous positions remain to be filled in the Platoons, Fuel and Staging Crews. If you are interested in being of service, send your brief RFTW history to demonstrate your experience. We will take your request under consideration.
In closing, please read the President’s November message posted to the website. We are grateful for his leadership and insight to sustaining RFTW. Remember,  it’s “Our Duty to Remember.”
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
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Midway Route Coordinator News – November 2018

To Fellow Riders and Participants;

We near one of the largest holiday’s of the season, Thanksgiving. First proclaimed a national holiday in 1789, but celebrated for over 350 years as a day to give thanks for our blessings. With Thanksgiving Day upon us, let us reminisce to both joys and sorrow of those who have come and gone in order that we can celebrate this national holiday.

Be grateful and content in everything you do…God Bless.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.,
2019 RFTW Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”

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Midway Route Coordinator News – October 2018

Fellow Midway Riders;

Leadership has been working very hard to get things in order. The new route cards were developed with more accuracy, stop and departure times. The State Coordinators are currently reviewing these changes and making adjustments to the timeline. Some of the states we visit will have different venues, but most are the same.

All hotels are in order and the hotel list will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. It should go online by early January 2019.

A reminder that the RFTW logo is a copyright and use of the logo must be approved by the Board of Directors. Submit your use ideas to the the Board of Directors, or, Route Coordinator for approval.

2019 RFTW pins will be ready soon and available on-line at the web-store.

The website has posted “10 days in May” that is added to the New Participant (FNG page). This gives a day-to-day diary of an FNG’s experience while being on the run. It should serve as a way to invite and share the experience of being on the RFTW for new riders.

Some safety issues are being looked at for the run. The use of fire extinguishers for advance teams. Oversized trailers being towed by motorcycles. This can cause a visibility and safety issues for other riders. There will be more on these two subjects as progress is made and policy is established.

All leadership for the Midway Route is working diligently to ensure our mission is a memorable experience.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.

Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner, Jr.,
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”

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Midway Route Coordinator News – September 2018

Fellow Riders & Participants;
We have a good majority of the 2019 Leadership in-place. There are some vacancies to be filled in Fuel Crew and Staging Crew. Platoons are being managed and assigned by Dan Sifford, via Midway RC and ARC. If interested in a position, write to me on your experience and qualifications. Your interest will be reviewed and discussed with leadership.
Our newly appointed State Coordinators are doing a magnificent job in taking on their new roles within their perspective states. You will see changes in Arizona, New Mexico and North Carolina stops and participation. Not to lessen the other State Coordinators role, as they too are critical in the overall success of our mission, but there will not be any major changes that we know of at the time of this writing.
Ken Dugas, ARC and Richard Schultz, Road Guard Captain, are working earnestly on developing and correcting our route, times, distances and stops. Together they have honed the route to improve our time and rest stops.
Tony Stokely, Hotel Coordinator, continues to try and improve our nightly stops. Some will improve, others will remain unchanged. A lot of this has is due to the cost to riders and hotel availability. Tony has worked hard in negotiating what is best for every one. We support and applaud his efforts.
2019 Midway RFTW should continue to provide great leadership and every effort to improve the mission. Please continue to follow the website for updates, participate in the Forum and local events promoting our mission. Try to encourage other riders to participate in this mission, you know there will be no regrets.
Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner Jr.,
2019 Midway Route Coordinator
“Our Duty to Remember”
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Midway Route Coordinator News – May 2018

Fellow Riders;

We are about one week away from departure at Ontario, CA for an incredible and memorable ride, the 30th Anniversary of Run for the Wall. If you are an FNG you will not forget this experience as “1 Mission – 3 Routes” brings honor to all veterans of all conflicts. To keep an accounting of POW/MIA and the opportunity to heal and bring closure for many.

You will stand alongside brothers and sisters, Gold Star and Blue Star families, First Responders and several towns that want to honor you and our mission. Take in every moment and cherish your role on the Midway Route. Pay your respects to the people across our great nation who have taken the time to celebrate our journey together. Be grateful at every opportunity.

Check your bike, gear and ensure your health is good for the journey. Attend all mandatory meetings as posted and scheduled. Pay attention to the demands of our Road Guards who are protectors along the route. We look forward to meeting you in Ontario, CA.

Glenn “Wombat” Waggoner
Midway Assistant Route Coordinator
U.S. Army – RVN ’68-’70