President’s Message July 2017

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Hello, RFTW, and Welcome to the 2018 30th Anniversary RFTW. I am honored to be selected as the President of the Board of Directors for this 30th year of “Riding for Those Who Can’t”. The impact of RFTW since Gunny Gregory started this mission has exceeded everyone’s expectations every year. Our expectations for 2018 are for a very busy year … Read More

President’s Message May 2017

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Well, we are now less than two weeks out – and if you are like me, you are ready to go NOW. We will have to make the best use of our time at this point in making sure that all preparations have been or are scheduled to be completed. My vehicle is due to go into the shop in … Read More

President’s Message April 2017

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How did we get to the middle of March already? Time is literally flying by. I realize that winter has not been kind to most of you this year. While you all endure record cold, snowfall, and sleet/rain, we here in So CA have also been getting wet – Very Wet, by our standards. It will be a big problem … Read More

President’s Message January 2017 (Hotels)

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Run For The Wall Riders, Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy New Year! I hope that everyone has made it through the Holiday Season unscathed and ready to RIDE! May will be here before we know it, but then again, not soon enough for some. We are all in the process of gearing up our preparations for another successful Run, which includes, … Read More

President’s Message December 2016

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San Juan Capistrano, CA December 13, 2016 Wow, where has this year gone? Christmas already! And with the New Year just waiting in the wings. This, of course, means that we are over halfway to the next Run, but I’m afraid that the riders in some sections of our country will not be getting much riding in between now and … Read More

President’s Message Oct 2016

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Well, I haven’t had a very good start this year at keeping riders and potential riders aware of the latest news by way of my President’s messages.  I was waiting for this new website to get up and running.  As these sorts of things go, we didn’t get it online quite as quickly as we would have liked.  It seems … Read More

President’s Message Apr 2016

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Greetings RFTW! April. The clock is ticking. Are you ready? No, I mean Really Ready? All over the country the RFTW Family is “Getting Ready to Get Ready.” I would like to take this opportunity to challenge You to take a hard look at Your readiness. To participate in the 10 day journey across our great country you need degrees … Read More

President’s Message Jan 2016

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Greetings RFTW! I hope you all had a joyous holiday season and your New Year is starting off Great! As most of you know all plans for RFTW 2016 are well down the action path. Registration is open, hotels are set, fuel stops identified, leadership teams are being fine-tuned, and all over the country the RFTW Family is making plans … Read More

President’s Message Oct 2015

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Greetings RFTW Riders and Friends! Well, here we are well down the path to 2016 Runs! The Route Coordinators have been hard at work arranging their teams to create Safe, Healing, and Mission-Aligned Runs along the three Routes. The RFTW Board or Directors has been meeting regularly (both in person and via monthly conference calls) to assist the Route Coordinators … Read More