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FNG Story – Embe Kugler

Name: LTC (R) Embe Kugler
City: Phoneix
State: Arizona
FNG Story:

I have been planning to do this ride from the first time I heard about Run for the Wall and Rolling Thunder. Something of higher priority always seemed to get in the way. I am now fully retired (US Army/State of Arizona) so work was no longer an excuse. Living on a fixed income in a rotten economy meant camping instead of hotels, but in the big picture not much of a sacrifice.

I was on orders for the Nam six times, took all the shots six times, made it through POR six times, but never made it to Nam. I was pissed at the time, but now nearly 40 years later I realize how
blessed I was.

I have friends on the Wall, I have friends in Arlington and other National Cemeteries, and I have friends still serving in harms way. I have visited the Wall and Arlington several times. It never gets any easier.

However, this time it had more impact because of the “Run”. I hope never to miss another “Run for the Wall” until I join my compatriots in a National Cemetery.