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FNG Story – Mike Oliver

Name: Mike Oliver
Phone: 504-494-7309
City: Metairie (suburb of Nawlins’)
State: Louisiana
FNG Story:

I just got back from one of my trips of a lifetime – – 12 days of awe – I will remember this experience with a smile on my death bed, believe me.

kicker of the trip was standing in line at Thunder Alley near the Vietnam Wall at the burger tent. A vet with vest walks up behind me for his lunch – has one artificial arm. I order my hot dog, hamburger, and diet pepsi and tell the lady I’m getting whatever this vet behind me wants. I wish him welcome home and he surprisingly brightens up and thanks me profusely. I tell him I’m Navy, fought the Cold War, and am a PGR Ride Captain from Nawlins’. He points to a patch on his vest. It’s indicates “Society of the Medal of Honor”. Holy moley, he’s a Vietnam Conflict Medal of Honor Recipient. I offer him my card and a PGR pin. He takes my card and says he isn’t into pins, but he has something for me. He pulls out his “Mission Coin” with the pic of the Army Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart on one side with the logo of the Society of Medal of Honor Recipients, and his nameand date of incident – during Tet 8 Jan 1968 and that he’s Gary G. Wetzel. I told him with pride that because of PGR, he’s the sixth Medal of Honor recipient I’ve shaken hands with, including fellow Vietnam Vets General Livingston, Mr Jon Caviani, Mr Michael Thorton, and had a relationship with Mr. Jack Lucas and attended his funeral standing the PGR flag line in Jackson, MS.

He was pleased about this and had nothing buy accolades about Mr. Jack Lucas who just passed recently.

I have nothing but praise for all the leadership of the Run and their dedication of making it a great success which it was. Thanx much to all.

Mike from Nawlins’