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RFTW SandBox RC Newsletter – JUNE 2022 – New RC Edition

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Greetings from Weatherford, Texas!

I would guess that most SandBox Route riders have been home about 3 weeks, but I know several are still on the road living their best life! I understand that! Even now, I’m looking forward to my next Run and spending those days with my RFTW family to experience the great revival and reunion as we kick off the Mission next May. But there is much to do before that day arrives. I’ll be writing one last RC Newsletter before I am officially relieved on 01 JUL, but the news of the next selected SandBox Route RC cannot wait until then…

Newly Confirmed SandBox Route RC for RFTW XXXIII

I am very honored to announce to you the selection and Board confirmation of Darin “Lurch” Koch as your next SandBox Route Coordinator. Lurch was a 2008 RFTW FNG and a steadfast All The Way Rider and Leadership Team member for the past 6 Runs.  He is a USAF SandBox Era Veteran who is all in for this Mission and fully ready to lead our Run to greater success. Lurch’s wife Tina, aka “Hand Off” is a US Army SandBox Era Combat Veteran and is all in for support to our Run and its Mission.

As I’ve said many times in Newsletters, Zoom meetings and in person, the SandBox Recon made introductions and the SandBox Route Inaugural Run built relationships. Now those relationships must be nurtured to grow by those who will tend to them in the years to come. Lurch has already started building his Leadership Team and is looking for Mission oriented RFTW Riders who put that Mission before route identity and share his dedication to see Run For The Wall and the SandBox Route take the next steps into the next 30 years of WALL 2 WALL support for the Mission. If that is you, watch for his call for volunteers in the next few weeks and then answer that call to support this new and growing Route.

Counting Down the Days

So let me be the first to note that we are only 340 days and a wake up away from KSU out of DC on 28 MAY 2023 – it’s never too early to start getting ready!

Remember, all roads lead to all roads so wherever you go, TOGETHER WE RIDE!


Bugs out!

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RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator