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Greetings from Texas!

The open registration period on Tuesday night commenced on time and filled within an hour. Thank you all for your enthusiasm for joining the SandBox Route. I know that there are many who were unable to get in. Although Tuesday was the last registration period that will be scheduled, there is still a chance that we can include others who wish to join.

There remains six months of planning and preparation time prior to our Kick Stands Up in DC on Sunday, 24 MAY 2020. Unfortunately some folks will inevitably and reluctantly have to withdraw from the Route before we roll. So that we can keep the available slots filled up until that day, I am establishing a STANDBY REGISTRATION LIST for those who would still like to participate. To make this work, we’ll need our family of SandBox riders to honestly assess their intentions to ride if participation becomes questionable. If you are registered for the SandBox Route and find it necessary to withdraw from the Route, please contact me at or the registrar at as soon as you can. With limited slots available, a NO-SHOW on SandBox Route means someone else will be prevented from participating.


NOTE: This process is ONLY for those NOT currently registered on the SandBox Route into Marseilles.
To be listed on the Standby Registration List, please do the following:

    1. Compose an e-mail with the Subject Line: “SandBox Standby Registration Request
    2. In the e-mail, please provide the following:
      1. Your Name
      2. Confirm that you are registered & paid on Central, Southern or Midway Route into DC.
      3. Confirm that you are a Motorcycle/Trike/CanAm Rider (not a passenger)
      4. If applicable, provide the name of a passenger (also registered) who will be riding with you, they can be added with you.
    3. Send the message to

The Standby Registration List will be established with precedence in the order of messages received at the address noted in step 3 above only. As spots open, your registration will be manually modified with a “Ride-to” of Marseilles and you will be notified with an updated Registration Confirmation E-mail.


I have had several folks tell me that we should ensure our Middle East Conflict Warriors and their affected family members are well represented on the SandBox Route. I couldn’t agree more. However, a great contributor to the success of our mission is the person to person relationships established along the way and I believe we need a healthy mix of all our family members from all conflict era’s to build those relationships on this new Route. That being said, there have also been a few requests concerning gifting a registration to another person, specifically to a Middle East Conflict affected person. Your SandBox Route Leadership Team is in contact with many of these people and can make that happen if you so choose. This wouldn’t necessarily mean that you pay for their registration, just that you relinquish your spot on the SandBox Route, DC to Marseilles only. This same process will be open for donation to others besides MEC affected people if that is your preference – there is no intention of making this a restricted process. To coordinate a donation or for more detailed information on how we can make this happen, please contact me.

Finally, coordinating these self-imposed registration limitations has been a challenging but necessary task as discussed many times before. While I have made every effort to provide background and details of the process, I know that many folks still found it confusing and often frustrating to say the least. With the completion of this Special Registration Edition #3 Newsletter, I intend to focus on the operational planning aspects of the tasks ahead to ensure our Mission receives the full attention it deserves.

As always, any questions or comments about these topics or others related to the SandBox Route may be addressed directly to me at the e-mail shown below.


Bugs out!

Very best regards,
Billie “Bugs” Dunlap
SandBox Route Coordinator
Run For The Wall XXXII

RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator