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Greetings from Texas!

The e-mail registration period closed Sunday night with new riders added to the SandBox Route.

The Open Registration Period will begin tonight at 7:00pm (Central Time) sharp and will close when the target number of additional riders is reached.

Leading into tonight’s registration period, following are a few notes and instructions.  Please read carefully to help make your registration successful…

1.  Tonight’s Registration Period is intended only for those who are NOT already registered for the SandBox Route into Marseilles. If you already registered for the SandBox Route with a “Ride-To” of Marseilles, Illinois, then you are good to go with no further action required.  To confirm you are registered, review your registration confirmation e-mail under the “Ride-to” section and look for “Marseilles – MUST Pay Now”.  If it says anything else, you are NOT registered for SandBox Route.

2. VERY IMPORTANT: This Registration Period is intended FOR PLATOON RIDERS ONLY.  If you are currently assigned to a Leadership Team but have not yet registered, contact your Team Leader for instructions on how to register using a separate process.  Registering tonight as a Platoon Rider will remove you from Leadership Teams.

3.  REGISTRATION PROCESS: The “SandBox Route” will not be a listed Route Option.  You should register for your preference of the original three routes with a “Ride-to” of Marseilles.  If you plan to ride only the SandBox Route portion from DC to Marseilles, still select one of the original three routes for registration with a “Sign-in” of Washington and a “Ride-to” of Marseilles.

With the current level of interest in SandBox registration, I expect the remaining available slots will fill up quickly.  Your attention to detail to ensure you have filled out all the required information and made the correct selections on the first attempt for registration tonight will increase your chances of successfully registering onto the SandBox Route.

Once again, thank you for your patience and for helping make this inaugural SandBox Route a great success!


Bugs out!

Very best regards,
Billie “Bugs” Dunlap
SandBox Route Coordinator
Run For The Wall XXXII

RFTW XXXII Sand Box Route Coordinator