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Southern Route Coordinator – Bugs’ LAST Newsletter (JUN’19)

RFTW SR RC Newsletter – June 2019 – RFTW XXXI Wrap-up

Greetings from Weatherford, Texas!

When we gathered in Parking Lot D in Ontario, I remember speaking of how quickly the next 10 days would pass and how we should embrace and savor the time we have with each other on the Run. Well not only did those days fly by, now looking back over the past 12 months I see a whirlwind of scenes in my mind as the days, weeks and months were spent in joyful preparation and anticipation of those 10 days. And those 10 days were the experience of a lifetime! It has been a great honor and a truly humbling experience to serve as your Southern Route Coordinator. The timing for me was perfect as I transitioned out of active service retiring from the Navy Reserve last July and was able to roll into service to my Veteran Community and Family through this great organization. Now it is time to take the next step and hand over the lead…

I am very proud to announce that the RFTW Board of Directors has now confirmed your next Southern Route Coordinator…

Bob “Captain America” Nelson

Bob served as the Assistant Route Coordinator for RFTW XXXI and was right up front with me for every aspect of planning for that Run. He is assembling a Leadership team that will review the great successes and the “others” to improve on our mission capabilities and the support to our riders. Bob is a very experienced RFTW Rider and a very capable leader in whose care I will confidently hand the reigns of command for the Southern Route.

In closing, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers who selflessly gave of their time, effort, talent and treasure to make the Southern Route of RFTW XXXI such an overwhelming success. I may have had the privilege of riding at the front, but all of you led the pack with your caring and generosity that touched so many lives along the way. TOGETHER WE made a difference. As I have said before, the success of our mission may be measured in the way we make a difference for the people we meet. This is why WE RIDE.

Regardless of the separation we experience before the next Run, all roads are connected. So, wherever you are now and always…


I look forward to seeing you all again soon, somewhere down the road…

Bugs out!

Billie “Bugs” Dunlap

Southern Route Coordinator

Run For The Wall XXXI


Is it May yet?

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