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Southern Route Coordinator News – June 2022 Epilog

RFTW XXXII 2022 RC Newsletter

June,  2022 Epilog


 RFTW Southern Route Family,

This is my last RC Newsletter for 2022.  (save the applause).

First, I want to Congratulate Kristine “Eyes” Wood on her BoD confirmation to be the Southern Route Coordinator for RFTW Mission XXXIII 2023.   Her work in support of the RFTW Mission, starting even before her FNG year, and especially as ARC these past 3 years, is proof that Kris earned this position.  Her patriotism stems from multiple generations of Military Service dating back to the Revolutionary War.  I have extreme confidence in Kris’ ability to Lead and Manage the Southern Route Mission.

Secondly, I would like to say what an Honor it has been to be the Southern Route Coordinator since 2020.  We, I mean ALL OF US, have been through a lot in the last 3 years to get Mission XXXII complete.

We started the pre-Mission festivities by celebrating the marriage of Santa Ed and Den Mother.

It was our first time in Casa Grande, AZ, and the folks there showed us great hospitality.

Hats off to the FNGs, overall, I would say that the vast majority adapted to platoon riding quickly and comfort levels increased daily.

Did everything go perfectly?  No.  Will it ever?  Doubtful.   We had to make several changes leading up to the start and they continued throughout the Mission.  The fact that most riders never knew about all of the behind-the-scenes juggling and hoop jumping actions, is a testament to the Leadership Team and State Coordinators commitment.  A HUGE THANK YOU, to ALL of you.  You deserve all the credit; I’ll take any of the blame.  I was blessed with the Greatest Bunch of Volunteers that money can buy. LOL.

*** For those of you who ordered the special 20th Anniversary T-shirts and have not picked them up, they will be mailed to you soon.  We are trying to get them mailed before the end of June.  Thank you for your patience ***

If you haven’t submitted your After-Action Report yet, Please do.  That is your opportunity to express your thoughts about this year’s Mission.   If you have ideas on how we can improve the experience, we would like to know.  Use this Link

Don’t forget the Angel Fire, NM Reunion over Labor Day weekend and the

Kerrville, TX Riders Reunion September 21-25, 2022, details on The Facebook page 

Only 333 days before Kick Stands Up May 17, 2023, I hope to see everyone there and many new faces too.

“Captain America, Out”

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