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Southern Route Coordinator News – November 2019

We are now less than 200 days before kickstands up in Ontario and our current Southern Route registration has just surpassed 200.

The month of November gives us two very special holidays.    Veterans’ Day on the 11th, which is pretty much every day to the Run For The Wall Family.    This is the day in which the Country recognizes the Contributions and Sacrifice of All Veterans from All Services.     I remember as a child watching the Veterans’ Day parade, seeing the “old guys” marching and carrying flags.     Many in their uniforms, some actually still fit, with medals glistening proudly displayed on their chest.    Most didn’t smile much as they walked by, I wondered why.    Now I think I know, when they put in that uniform, their thoughts were drawn back to the memories of those who no longer march beside them.    I wish I knew then that just a “Thank You for your Service” could have lifted their spirit.    So when you see a veteran, just simple Thank You will go a long way.     I plan to ride with my CVMA Chapter in the Reno, NV  Veterans’ Day Parade.    Not because it’s fun, if any of you have ridden in a parade, you will know what I mean.    It is our way of showing appreciation those who honor and support our Veterans, and remembering those who ride with us in spirit only.

On the 28th, out nation celebrates Thanksgiving Day.    It should be a day for being thankful for All that we have.     We are blessed to live in America and enjoy All the Freedoms that we have.     There are 4 F’s in Thanksgiving, or so I’m told. Food, Football, Friends and Family.    Family is the most important one.  Without family, we are alone.    There is the family we are born into and the Run For The Wall Family we are welcomed into.     Noho ka ʻohana ma kou puʻuwai (Hawaiian)

The Southern Route 20th Anniversary patches took a little longer than expected to be finished.     They are expected to arrive on November 8, 2019, envelopes are prepped, thanks to Confetti, and will be stuffed and mailed on the 9th.    Sorry for the delay.     On the brighter side there are still some available, so don’t wait too long.