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Southern Route Coordinator News October 2021 Part 2

RFTW XXXII 2021 RC Newsletter

October, 2021 Part 2


Greetings and Happy Nevada Day,

Riders have asked me why Nevada is the Battle Born State.  Well it’s because it was the only state admitted into the Union during the Civil War, October 31, 1864.

First, I would like to announce that the  Southern Route Volunteer Portal is open.  If you are interested in being a part of one of our support teams, just click in the link.   There you will find descriptions of the qualifications for each specific team.  Keep in mind that FNGs are barred from volunteering, as we feel it would spoil the first-year experience.  Some teams currently have few or no openings.  History has told us that roster changes are inevitable as time passes, so standbys are important.

Secondly, stop by the RFTW Merchandise Shop new things are being added and there are Closeout items offered at a discount. 

I also want to remind everyone that we are still working on and planning Plan A.  Which is to run the Southern Route as we have in the past from LA to DC.  Our only change is our Day 1 evening stop is now Casa Grande, AZ.  Alternate plans are being discussed, but our primary focus is still Plan A.  Any alternate plan would include the majority of our traditional route.  Like it or not, we must comply with governmental restrictions in the areas we travel.   Compared to May, the situation is much improved, and I am optimistic that over time it will be even better for us.

Remember to be Semper Gumby (Always Flexible)

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Happy Halloween